Finding Professional Dementia Care Fit For You

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Control Drooling in Parkinson's Patients

Home Care Assistance provides Palm Harbor residents with some of the best dementia care around. It does not matter if you are beginning to show signs of cognitive decline, have been recently diagnosed with dementia, or if the effects of this unrelenting ailment have been in place for a while, we are dedicated to giving you the help you need, when you need it.

Two Types of Care to Fit Your Schedule

We want to make sure our patients are given the proper attention when they need it by offering both hourly and 24-hour services. Our Palm Harbor caregivers give astounding dementia care that stands out amongst the rest. No matter which service you choose, we pay notable attention to both their daily and medical needs. This means that our caregivers make sure every patient is tended for medically, and also:

  • Helps in preparation of meals
  • Provides transportation
  • Reminds patient when to take medication
  • Aids in cleaning of the home
  • And other daily activities

Hourly assistance is best suited for those that need flexible help, something that works with your schedule. 24-hour support lets you be sure your loved ones are being given the attention they need at the times they need it.

Our premiere caregivers do not require a long-term contract, and we do not charge you a termination fee. We believe in customer satisfaction and finding the best dementia care in Palm Harbor that fits your life.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method: Rejuvenating Your Mind

Our caregivers are also trained and highly knowledgeable about the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This program focuses itself on activities designed for seniors suffering memory-related problems. With this ingenious technique, created from many different types of research, those seeking dementia care can work to slow their intellectual decline.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method uses routines to ease stress and relax the mind. You will build habits that will strengthen your memory by using over 20 activities to improve every aspect of your mind, such as quicker thinking.

Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay: The Dementia Care Made to Help You

Don’t be stuck with a Palm Harbor caregiver that is not compassionate and knowledgeable about your conditions. To choose the best services available for the ones you love, call Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay at 727-330-7862 to speak with a manager today.

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