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When it comes to dementia care in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, or Safety Harbor, there are many choices and all you know for sure is that you want the very best. Luckily, Home Care Assistance is ready to assist those who need it. From 24/7 live-in care to hourly and post-hospital support, our caregivers help residents of all types with their daily lives.

Caring For Loved Ones with Dementia Care

Handling the daily activities and medical care of a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming. You have bills to pay, your immediate family to monitor, a job to attend, classes to go to, and just everyday errands that all fight for your attention. Adding the stress of providing constant aid for a family member only aggravates the pain you feel from watching their condition progress. We know you are busy, and that life in Belleair, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Safety Harbor doesn’t pause just because someone is diagnosed with dementia, so we are here to help you help your loved one.


Our professional caregivers are prepared to properly assist your family member on a daily basis. You can choose hourly, live-in, or 24/7 care in Palm Harbor, Belleair, Safety Harbor, and Clearwater depending on the condition and how much monitoring and aid is needed. Home Care Assistance companions are trained in handling dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, and utilize our Cognitive Therapeutic Method, among other strategies, to support and comfort the patient at all times. We work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest research and findings regarding these medical conditions in order to provide the most effective assistance.

The hiring process is lengthy and rigorous, and caregivers are subjected to:

  • In-depth background and criminal checks.
  • Ethics exams that determine not only physical and mental but also emotional ability.
  • Continuous training and education at our University.

We hire only the absolute best in the field and even go so far as to match up attendants and patients by temperament, personality, and more. It is our goal to not only just support and aid individuals, but to enhance their well-being, physically and emotionally.

Promoting a High Quality of Life

Interacting and caring for someone who needs dementia care can be a struggle; they may have trouble with memory, cognitive ability, social skills, and more that all affect their life on a daily basis. Regardless of the level to which the condition has progressed, our professionals are tactful, respectful, and knowledgeable. Our mission is to provide the best dementia care, giving you and your loved one a chance at the highest-possible quality of life. Caregivers are gentle, composed, and caring; they are incredibly devoted to our patients. Patients can feel anxious, confused, reckless, and even aggressive; at HCA, we prepare our attendants for scenarios and potential problems that occur when assisting those with the condition.

Do I Need a Home Care Assistant?

If you are an individual in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, or Belleair that has been chosen to be the caregiver of someone with dementia, someone who is suffering from the early stages of the condition and wants to prepare for the future, or someone looking to ease a caregiver’s burden, HCA has the professional, skilled attendants and services that are right for you. We cover a series of “dos and don’ts” when it comes to dementia care, and ensure that our caregivers are prepared to offer reassurance and encouragement whenever necessary. They are also prepared for emergency situations, and often come from medical a background, which means your dear one is in the most capable of hands.
Dementia care may include procedures such as bathing, feeding, guiding, and more. Caring for someone with this condition takes a toll emotionally and physically. Preserve your well-being and secure the well-being of your loved one by enlisting the assistance of a professional live-in attendant from HCA. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing they are being looked after at all times.

Lean On Home Care Assistance for Professional Dementia Care

For premium, professional, successful dementia care services in the Belleair, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater areas, contact HCA. We will work with you to develop a plan of attendance for Alzheimer’s, stroke, and Parkinson’s patients, those that need hospice or post-hospital support, hourly, live-in, or 24/7 care. Our dedicated team will sit down with you and discuss what services you are interested in, how you can benefit, and will be able to answer any of your questions. Call us today at 727-330-7862 to schedule a consultation, and view our professional recommendations and agency comparison checklist to reassure you that Home Care Assistance is the premier caregiving service in Tampa Bay.