Tampa Bay’s Trusted Choice for Parkinson’s Care

For seniors with Parkinson’s, care must be specialized and personalized to manage symptoms such as tremors, loss of balance and muscle stiffness. As the disease progresses and minor difficulties with basic motor functioning evolve into an increased dependence on others when performing even the most basic tasks, professional Parkinson’s care can help to ensure the quality of life, independence and dignity for the senior. Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of Parkinson’s care in Tampa Bay, offering:

  • Flexible Hourly and 24 Hour Care Plans
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Long-Term Contracts or Hidden Fees
  • Dedicated Client Care Managers
  • 24/7 Availability and On-Going Care Management

Reliable, Experienced & Compassionate Parkinson’s Caregivers

Parkinson’s affects individuals in very different ways and a patient’s abilities can vary drastically from day to day. Understanding when and how to assist, when to step back and supervise, and when to encourage independence requires a high level of skill and patience. All Home Care Assistance caregivers are industry experts in the area of Parkinson’s care, have previous industry experience, and participate in ongoing training through our Home Care Assistance University. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers use innovative, effective techniques to empower seniors while always keeping safety in mind.

Respite & Relief for Concerned Families

Parkinson’s home care is about more than caring for the care recipient, it is about supporting the family unit. Many clients hire Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay for essential respite care. Our respite services are available early in the mornings and late in the evenings, overnight, on an hourly basis or for around the clock monitoring and support. Our dedicated Care Managers remain on call to assist families 24/7. Whether care is needed immediately or a last-minute change needs to be made to the care schedule, we’re here whenever you need us most.

Complimentary Parkinson’s Home Care Consultations

With the support of Home Care Clearwater, even those in the most advanced stages of Parkinson’s continue to enjoy the familiarity and comforts of home. To learn more about our award winning in-home programs, contact our office at (727) 330-7862. Our Care Managers will provide you with information about our Parkinson’s care plans and can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to further discuss the needs of your aging loved one, as well as additional questions or concerns.