“I work for a friendly company with a positive work environment. They are flexible and very supportive of their caregivers. A great company to work for – great teamwork. And I mean that from my heart!”

– Kelly

“I like working with Home Care Assistance. They welcome you with open arms and appreciate everything you do to help keep every client safe and happy. They always thank you on work performance which means a great deal to me. If anyone needs a helping hand, they’re always there to see you through any situation or concern you may not be sure how to handle. When having any type of gathering at the office for the team, they let you bring clients along to have a good time as well. They show much love. They give bonuses and have drawings and parties throughout the Holidays too.”

– Tabitha

“I love this company! The office team is professional and well-trained. They are loving and truly care about the clients and the people they work with. It’s a great environment.”

– Jeannie

“From the time I came here, everyone has been so helpful from ideas to improve clients’ lives to working on my schedule so I can take a vacation. The people in the office are genuine and it truly feels like a family. I love working with them.”

– Willona

“It’s a real pleasure working for this company. The office team has created a welcoming atmosphere that helps clients and caregivers feel at ease. They are kind, respectful, and professional.”

– Lorenza

“Home Care Assistance is a family-oriented company that treats their employees with respect. They care for their clients and give me the opportunity to make our clients’ lives a little bit easier. They are always trying to find ways to improve and provide me with the flexibility I need in my schedule and the hands-on training needed for working with specific clients.”

– LaTracia

“When I tell you that the people in the office and all the caregivers are all about working together to benefit our clients I mean that. We all try to find different ways to help our clients in each way that they need to be cared for. For anyone looking for work, this is going to be a great place for you to expand your options on helping people who need it. Thumbs up home care assistance!”

– Rose

“I love working for home care assistance. They will always work with you on the special hrs you need to work. Any time you have any kind of question. Just call and it will be answered.”

– Jeannette


Anonymous Reviews from our Caregivers from a Survey Conducted by a Third Party

“We are blessed to meet some of the most incredible people! You get to really know your clients is a unique one on one setting in their own home which allows you to connect on another level all while helping them live as independently as possible. To say I have found my purpose is an understatement, and all the behind the scenes team members help us become the best we can be.”

“The Best Homecare company ever….Staff is terrific , very nice , courteous, helpful , reliable they gone above and beyond for their employees . I feel elated to have and proud to say that I love everything about my Employer.”

“Flexible scheduling, kind and helpful office staff, I’ve had no problems with this company since I started here. They care for their clients and staff.”

“I love working with Home Care Assistance. If you have any kind of concerns/questions they are there to help out always… They are very helpful to me. I can always count on them when in need. I enjoy going to work each day when scheduled. My job is very important to me…I know the clients depend on me to be there for them and to give my best care to them… Sometimes when at work it can be a challenge but yet that’s what makes me a stronger and better person.”

“Overall, I would highly recommend this agency, as they truly care about their clients and employees.”

“My typical at my job. Usually includes conversating with my client and adding companionship to their day. I also have obligations of take care of the daily needs such as dressing, meal preparation, basic housekeeping, transportation as well as any other wants client may have. I have learned how to care for a client in a professional healthcare setting which will prepare me for the future. The management has been very friendly and has made me feel very comfortable in working at home care assistance. I would the hardest part of this job is meeting a client for the first time. The best part of the job is getting know a client and being able to find out about each individual’s personality and past life experiences.”

“I enjoy the days I go to work. Everyone at the office is so supportive. I feel great helping others and that feeling of knowing I’m doing something good for someone else is priceless.”

“The difference between Home Care Assistance and other agencies are many: I felt from the beginning I wasn’t alone doing this job, they train you, they show you they care about you as a person and you feel you are part of a family, they work with your schedule, they give you a chance even if you don’t have experience, they never push you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with, they are very nice people over the phone ,in person or on a text message. I have more to say of how great they are but I guess I am running out of space.”

“I like how the company tries in every way to accommodate any request that I have.Also they think of me for overtime, lol.Its very peaceful when you walk in the office.Im very happy working for HomeCareAssistance . Thank you for allowing me to work for your company.”

“The communication, training, flexibly and support I receive frim the home office has been wonderful the ENTIRE time I’ve been employed. They did a great job of matching me up with the right client as far as my skills, experience and our personalities. I’ve told many people about the company and have referred them as well.”