5 Major Factors That Lead to Caregiver Burnout

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Major Causes Leading to Caregiver Burnout in Tampa Bay, CA

Though caring for an older family member can be a rewarding experience, the task can also become challenging. Although they initially feel joy and satisfaction, family caregivers may eventually feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. Burnout is a real possibility for individuals who do not take precautions to prevent these 5 causes.

1. Insufficient Training

Seniors with dementia often have unexpected mood changes. Along with exhibiting confusion, they might become angry or suspicious. Without an understanding of why these behaviors occur and how to handle the situation, family caregivers in Safety Harbor may feel stressed and tired of trying to manage circumstances beyond their control.

2. Multiple Burdens

Providing Safety Harbor, FL, home care for an elderly family member day in and day out in addition to managing finances, running another household, and holding down a job can quickly become all-consuming. Taking on too many responsibilities can easily lead to burnout.

3. Self-Care Deficits

The body needs proper nutrition, adequate rest, and some type of routine physical activity to function emotionally, mentally, and physically over the long term. The busy schedules and stress family caregivers endure commonly interfere with the basics of self-care. 

4. Role Reversal

For some caregivers, having to care for a parent who once cared for them might become frustrating. This is especially true if the parent has cognitive or physical limitations that present ongoing challenges. The caregiver may develop resentment, and the emotional and mental strain of being in the situation combined with handling responsibilities outside of the home may eventually lead to burnout. 

5. No Support Network

Caregivers must be able to share their concerns, frustrations, and questions with someone else. Being isolated leads to feelings of desperation and despair, and the emotional and mental stress causes physical fatigue, which are all signs of burnout. The primary family caregiver also needs one or more people willing to assist with care tasks in the event of illness, emergencies, or other issues. This is the perfect reason to hire respite care in Safety Harbor.

Home Care Assistance of Safety Harbor, FL, is a leading provider of respite care. If you need a break from your caregiving duties for a few hours a day or a few days a week, our dedicated caregivers can help your elderly loved one manage various tasks of daily living, including bathing, grooming, and medication reminders. Give us a call at (727) 330-7862 to speak with one of our friendly Care Managers and request a complimentary consultation.

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