Incredible Inventions Made Just For Seniors

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It’s easy to assume the everyday challenges seniors run up against are perennial issues: they cannot be solved, only managed. But new technologies are providing some striking solutions for age-old problems in ways that could transform what it means to age in place.

At Home Care Assistance, a reliable agency of home care Clearwater families can count on, we’re always looking for fun new gadgets and technology that can help seniors remain safe in the comfort of their own homes. Here, we describe a few up-and-coming inventions made just for today’s independent senior.

Easy Button

Buttons, such as the ones on your shirt and pants, are seemingly simple fasteners, but may seniors will tell you that buttons actually require nimble fingers. The Easy Button, created by the winners of the 2013 Reddot Design Award, corrects the design flaws that foil those with reduced dexterity. The ergonomic Easy Button is easier to use due to its oblong shape: one side of the button is thin and angled for quicker pick-up; the other side is concave for easier push-in.

It’s a small change that makes a huge difference in how long it takes older adults to get dressed. Easy Buttons are not on sale just yet, but stay tuned; that could change in the coming years.

safe-T-element® Cooking System

Cooking fires are the leading cause of fire-related injuries among the elderly. When you get older, it’s easy to get distracted or just plain forget that you turned on the stove. The risk of stovetop fires can seriously hamper a senior’s ability to stay independent in their own home. What’s the solution? Pioneering Technology Corp. says it’s the company’s new safe-T-element® cooking system. The system is a set of kitchen burner covers that helps prevent cooking fires even when users are forgetful.

Each cover electronically monitors the burner’s temperature. When it gets too high – enough to ignite cooking materials like oil – the system automatically shuts off the whole stove. Once things cool off, the stove clicks back on at a safer temperature. The safe-T-element is now on sale in North America.

The GrandCare System

As your loved ones age, it’s normal to begin to worry about their health and safety at home. While you can call-in at various points of the day and stop by on your lunch break, you may still feel as if you’re not doing enough. That’s where the GrandCare system steps in.

The GrandCare System helps caregivers keep track of their aging loved one’s activities through a wireless platform. Sensors are installed throughout the home, allowing designated caregivers to view activity, see where the senior is at various points of the day and can also alert the caregiver when a door or window has been left open for an extended period of time. Caregivers can also set customizable alerts, for instance, to remind a loved one to take his or her medication. The system also comes equipped with a social aspect that allows family to send pictures, messages, videos and voice messages.

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