4 Tips for Managing Alzheimer’s Symptoms in Elderly

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Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult condition for seniors and their loved one’s to manage. At Home Care Assistance,a provider of high-quality home Care Clearwater families can trust, we understand that addressing symptoms of Alzheimer’s can be stressful for your family.  To help your family soothe some of your loved one’s symptoms, our senior care experts have compiled four tips for managing Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Develop a Routine

For some seniors with Alzheimer’s, implementing a daily routine can help diminish some of their symptoms.  Gradually enforcing a sleep and eating regimen can be an easy way to begin. Try waking your loved one and serving meals and snacks at the same time each day, and encourage him or her to go to sleep at the same time each night. While these seem like small adjustments, studies show that having a regular schedule can significantly decrease the severity of Alzheimer’s symptoms.

2. Enforce Limitations

Limiting choices can help your loved one avoid feelings of frustration. The fewer options your loved one has, the less time and effort he or she will need to spend reflecting on, and possibly becoming confused by, a variety of choices. When you or your loved one’s professional Alzheimer’s caregiver in Clearwater are helping your loved one get dressed or make food, limit his or her choices to only two or three items. This way, your loved one can retain a level of control by being allowed to have his or her say, while also avoiding feelings of confusion.

3. Give Your Loved One Space

Let your elderly loved one have the space to do daily tasks on his or her own. Allowing your loved one to participate in his or her own care, or to continue his or her hobbies, can promote a sense of independence. Encourage your loved one to do as much as he or she can on his or her own, and only help as needed. Certain tasks, like getting dressed or watering plants, can be manageable for your loved one and can encourage his or her feelings of accomplishment. 

4. Embrace Simplicity

When you’re spending time with your loved one, be sure to explain yourself in short sentences that are direct and to the point. The clearer you can be when talking or asking questions, the easier it is for your loved one to understand you. Likewise, when your loved one is talking or completing complex tasks, make sure that there are no distractions. Shutting off the TV and radio, can also help your loved one focus on tasks without being sidetracked.

While diminishing the severity of Alzheimer’s symptoms can be a huge relief for many families, sometimes other day-to-day responsibilities can make providing your loved one with a high-level of care challenging. If your family could use an extra hand caring for your loved one, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our expertly trained caregivers can provide around-the-clock assistance with daily tasks, including medication reminders, cooking, cleaning, and safety monitoring, to ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable. To learn more about how our Alzheimer’s or dementia caregivers in Clearwater can help your elderly loved one, give a Care Manager a call at 727-330-7862 and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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