Top 6 Stocking Stuffers for Seniors with Dementia

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6 Stocking Stuffers to Get for Seniors with Dementia in Tampa Bay, FL

Christmas shopping for an elderly loved one living with dementia doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Palm Harbor dementia caregivers must first consider the degree of cognitive impairment. In the early stages of the disease, seniors enjoy gifts that anyone else would appreciate. For older loved ones having more advanced stages of the disease, the occasion might warrant gifts that offer sensory stimulation. Here are some thoughtful stocking stuffer ideas to start you off.

1. Music and Movies

Consider getting music CDs or DVDs that were once popular back in the day. They might also be your loved one’s all-time favorites. These items help to stimulate memories and conversations concerning the good old days. 

2. Photo Album

Palm Harbor Alzheimer’s or dementia caregivers can create a photo album or calendar containing images of special family occasions, which also encourages memory retrieval and boosts emotional wellbeing. The gift additionally provides the chance to sit and enjoy pleasant memories together. 

3. Nightlights

Automatic nightlights or motion sensors installed in lamps and overhead lights ensure that various areas of the home are illuminated properly once the sun sets. In this way, paths remain visible, which lessens the chance of accidents occurring. 

4. Knitting or Crochet Kits

Crocheting and knitting have been shown to stimulate many areas of the brain. If the family member enjoys these activities, perhaps consider giving brightly colored yarn or pattern books that contain instructions for new projects. 

5. Stuffed Animals

Older female adults living with dementia often find comfort in a stuffed animal or doll. Many consider the inanimate object a treasured faithful companion. The textures and colors of these types of gifts also provide tactical sensory stimulation.

6. Warm Blankets or Clothes

Due to impaired circulation that often occurs among older adults, seniors tend to feel colder than anyone else in the room. Consider buying a festive lap robe, a sweater or warm socks for your loved one. Any of these items will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated.

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