Senior Fitness: Improve Strength with Daily Activities

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Daily Activities Improve Fitness

Staying active and healthy as a senior doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym. Older adults can enhance strength, stamina, and endurance by performing regular household activities. Some of Clearwater Home Care Assistance’s favorite activities that enhance senior activity include:

  • Walking the dog, caring for pets
  • Yard work and gardening
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping
  • Shopping and carrying groceries

Intensity Helps Build Strength

Doing household chores is a great way to work the large muscles of the body and build strength. To get the most from daily activities, seniors should use intensity. For example, an older adult can rake leaves in the fall at a gentle pace and get some benefit from moving the limbs, walking, lifting, and standing. By increasing the effort, seniors can add to the exercise value of the activity. Raking harder and faster builds strength, burns calories, and promotes better muscle toning.

Form Adds to Fitness

Using the entire body in any activity adds to the strength-building potential. A senior can sweep or vacuum bending at the knees and pushing and pulling vigorously using the legs, hips, and back. Turning the torso further promotes exercise and flexibility. Intensity and form can transform a mild household activity into a healthful, beneficial session that improves mind and body.

Add Extra Steps

Walking is one of the most beneficial daily activities. When driving, consider parking away from the destination and adding a short walk. Extra steps can be a beneficial habit, such as parking away from the entrances at a shopping mall. When comfortable, walk up one or two flights rather than taking the elevator. Stair climbing is excellent for the large leg and hip muscles, and for improving stamina.

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