The Risks of Hiring a Caregiver Privately

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In-home care gives your aging family member the dignity, familiarity and comfort of familiar surroundings while still providing them with the practical help they need. Unfortunately, hiring a private caregiver rather than working through a reliable provider of home care, Clearwater families can count on, may open your family up to unforeseen risks.

  • Unqualified Caregivers – It is possible to research a private caregiver’s training and certification history on your own and is something that all families should do to ensure the safety of the senior needing care. Unfortunately, more in-depth information like previous work experience, background checks, and drug tests may be completely out of reach for the family. These tests can not only be expensive, but can be extremely time consuming.
  • Tax Concerns – Hiring a private caregiver can legally make you an employer, which makes you responsible for ensuring taxes are taken from the caregiver’s income. If the caregiver is registered as an independent contractor, you can avoid this problem, but it is your responsibility to confirm their status. Without this security, you may be fined and charged for the caregiver’s back taxes.
  • Workman’s Compensation – Another concern you may face as an employer is workman’s compensation. Home care is often a physical job, and if your private caregiver becomes injured while working, you will be responsible for their medical bills and any disability coverage they may need. Since you are legally the employer, you will also have no legal recourse for medical bills if the caregiver accidentally harms your loved one.
  • No Continuity of Care – People get sick and emergencies happen, however what is a family to do when an unexpected event prevents their caregiver from attending work? With private hire caregivers, there are often no back-up plans and families must scramble to find last minute care. With an agency-hired caregiver in Clearwater, you can rest assured knowing that a secondary caregiver will always be available should the primary caregiver become ill or unable to attend their assigned shift.

Entrusting the care of an aging loved one to another person can be difficult. However, if you do your research to find the best possible care option, you can protect your family and aging loved one both physically and financially.

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