How Can I Prepare for the Loss of an Elderly Loved One?

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The Imminent Departure of an Elder

Facing an elderly loved one’s death can be difficult, resulting in a whirlwind of emotions, and each family member may have different needs when preparing for this loss. If you are unsure what might work best for you, the caring staff at Clearwater Home Care has put together a list of tips you may find helpful.

Spend Time Together
Even if your loved one can’t respond, spending time by his or her side can be a memorable bonding experience. Doing activities together is not as important as simply enjoying each other’s company, and during the final stages of life there may not be much your loved one needs besides companionship. If you can’t be by your loved one’s side when he or she passes, take the time to say goodbye in your own way.

Embrace Emotions
Grief is a normal reaction to losing a loved one, with stages including anger, bargaining, denial, and acceptance. Not everyone experiences these stages in the same order, and some people may feel anger or denial for a long time after the passing of a loved one, but understanding the stages of grief can offer inner peace and help you move toward acceptance. Talking to a grief counselor, a traditional therapist, or your spiritual leader after the passing of your loved one can help you work through your feelings.

Discuss Final Wishes
If your loved one is able to talk and is lucid, don’t avoid the topic of death. He or she may be aware the time for passing is near and may want to talk about burial or estate plans. Listen to your loved one and make notes if necessary to ensure his or her wishes are respected.

If you are providing care for an elderly loved one, but need additional support to meet his or her daily needs, reach out to a Care Manager at Home Care Assistance. We offer hourly and 24-hour live-in care in Clearwater, and our reliable caregivers can cook, clean, run errands, and offer emotional support. To learn more about our care services, schedule a free in-home consultation today by calling (727) 330-7862.

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