Asthma Relief: How Yoga Benefits Senior Health

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Can Asthma Relieve Asthma Symptoms in Tampa Bay, FL?

One of the fundamental aspects of yoga is a breathing technique that is known as pranayama. In order to master pranayama, it’s important to develop precise control of respiration through the mouth and nose. After practicing yoga on a regular basis, people usually find it easy to thoroughly inhale and exhale without even thinking about it. In recent years, the Cochrane Review decided to investigate how yoga may affect individuals who suffer from asthma. This global organization is regarded a top authority on conducting medical research all over the world. Their findings may prove useful for Clearwater caregivers who look after seniors with asthma. 

The Cochrane Review set up an entire panel to investigate the relationship between yoga and asthma symptoms. More than a dozen randomized trials were conducted with over 1,000 total participants. Since India is the birthplace of yoga, the Cochrane Review decided it would be useful to perform most of the experiments in that country. The remaining participants in the studies were from the United States and Europe. Some of the trials took as long as four years to complete in order to deliver reliable scientific results. 

After gathering sufficient data, the Cochrane Review published its conclusions on the correlation between yoga and asthma symptoms. This organization confidently concluded that yoga enhanced the quality of life in people with mild or moderate asthma. However, the studies did not prove that yoga could increase lung capacity in individuals with this respiratory problem. On the other hand, even the most intense medical treatments can’t significantly improve lung function in asthmatic people. Doctor Zuyao Yang of the Cochrane Review hopes that more scientific studies will be conducted to confirm the health benefits of yoga for respiratory conditions. He and other credible medical professionals worldwide agree that yoga can alleviate some of the common asthma symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath.

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