Nutrition for Post-Stroke Care

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Post-Stroke Nutritional Guidelines

If you are caring for someone who has had a stroke, understanding the vital role nutrition can play in an effective recovery is important. Here are some ways to promote healthy nutrition after a stroke and help prevent future instances, brought to you by the senior care experts at home Care Clearwater.

Drive Down Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol can lead to additional strokes. Your loved one should eliminate unnecessary animal proteins, as they are the biggest sources of saturated fat, which raises cholesterol. Instead, suggest he or she eat lean meats, fish, and poultry,low-fat dairy products, and alternate protein sources like soy, nuts, and beans.

Manage Blood Pressure

The best way to control blood pressure nutritionally is to limit the intake of salt and other types of sodium as much as possible. Consult with your loved one’s doctor to determine maximum and minimum daily amounts. Use little or no salt when preparing foods, and find other forms of seasoning and flavor enhancement your loved one might enjoy. Carefully read nutritional facts for all prepared, processed, and packaged food, as many of these have very high sodium amounts.

Add “Brain Foods”

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can help lower blood pressure and reduce the blood clotting that can lead to additional strokes. Fish and walnuts are good sources of these fatty acids.

It is important to introduce healthier eating habits after your loved one has had a stroke, but choosing the right foods and preparing meals for optimum health benefits may prove to be a challenge. If you need help implementing a healthy diet for your loved one, turn to Home Care Assistance. A leading Clearwater stroke care provider, Home Care Assistance offers tailored senior care plans that include meal preparation and grocery shopping to ensure a healthy diet. Our Care Managers are available 24/7 to answer any questions. Call us today at (727) 330-7862 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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