Fight Loneliness with Companion Care in Clearwater

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Individuals in Clearwater seek out in-home companion care for a variety of reasons— they may live out of state and be concerned for their aging parent’s safety, or their uncle with Alzheimer’s may be neglecting his hygiene. These concerns are high priorities and seem more urgent than signs of loneliness. After all, it is easier to recognize whether someone has forgotten to bathe for several days then if someone’s ‘bad day’ has turned into a chronic state. Companion care is among the most efficient ways to monitor your loved one’s safety while guarding their mental health.

Loneliness Breeds Depression

For those who are less capable and live by themselves in Clearwater, the isolation can become crippling. What you see once a week could very well be or become their permanent state unless action is taken. Once someone sinks into a depressive state, it can be challenging to see beyond the feelings of worthlessness and low energy. This is risky because your family member is less likely to ask for help and isolate themselves further.

Too often depression is seen as a choice to sink low or rise above. While an individual is responsible for managing their condition, they are not in charge of their neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. When these brain chemicals become imbalanced, quality of life suffers. Unexplained crying bouts, apathy, social withdrawal, and suicidal thoughts are just a handful of symptoms that can accompany depression. No one in Clearwater should have to live this way.

The Importance of Socialization

Some see caregivers only as assistants and medical helpers, but companion care plays a vital role in keeping loneliness and depression at bay. Regular face-to-face interaction decreases the risk of depression, so assistance from a caregiver can put a stop to loneliness before it even starts! For those already in a slump, socialization can keep them from getting stuck in their thoughts. One of our companion care staff can brighten your parent’s day by:

  • Taking time to converse with them when they visit
  • Encouraging your loved one to seek out friends
  • Making it possible to plan and attend social events
  • Helping them get out of their home in Clearwater
  • Going for a walk on the beach or in a park

These outings provide a purpose, as well as enjoyment and conversation. The expectation of a visitor gives them something to look forward to and if they need live-in assistance, they have someone to count on. If they have struggled with depression before, one of our caregivers can drive them to a local support group affiliated with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Social interaction adds color to life, so consider the benefits of hiring a companion care professional.

Companion Care by Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay

If you’re concerned about the ill effects of loneliness and depression for your loved one in Clearwater, consider Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay. Our staff aids families by providing them the help they need. We know you want the best for your family member, so turn to the pros! Whether you’re local or live outside of Pinellas County, our team can assist with:

  • Hourly options
  • 24-hour or live-in assistance
  • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and stroke
  • Post-hospital recovery
  • Hospice support

You know that you cannot plan for every possible outcome, so it’s important to know where to turn. Our companion care programs are flexible, so you can alter or increase visits as needed in Clearwater. Contact our dedicated staff by calling 727-330-7862 to learn more!

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