Common Symptoms of Liver Disease

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Symptoms to recognize Liver Disease in Tampa Bay, CA

About 32 million Americans have been diagnosed with one of the over 100 different types of liver diseases. Yet, many seniors go undiagnosed because liver disease often causes no pain. If you are a live-in Palm Harbor, FL, caregiver, then you might want to talk to your senior loved one about these common symptoms of liver diseases. 


Many seniors with liver disease notice a purple rash on their lower legs that does not respond to topical treatments. Some seniors also notice that there palms and feet itch, especially at night. Doctors do not understand why this is a common symptom among those with liver disease. Additionally, the nails may also change colors. 


Studying the senior’s eyes may give the family caregiver a clue as to whether the senior may have liver problems. Look at the whites of the eyes to make sure that they do not look yellow as this can be a sign of buildup of bile in the senior’s body. Small bumps on the eyelid can be a further clue that bile is building up in the body. Many seniors report changes in their night vision when they have liver disease. 


Liver disease is often painless, but some seniors with liver disease find that they get a swollen stomach. This is often caused by increased fluid building up in there. If the expanding stomach is also accompanied by swelling in the legs and increased breast size is also present, then the doctor may suspect liver disease.

Chronic Fatigue

Some people who have liver disease find that they are always exhausted. Doctors believe that this is a result of the disease changing neurotransmissions in the brain. If you are the family caregiver and notice your senior sleeping often, then it might be time to suggest that they head to the doctor.

Liver disease can often be treated successfully if caught early. Your loved one might also benefit from comprehensive Palm Harbor in-home care. Call Home Care Assistance at (727) 330-7862 today to set up a free consultation with a highly trained Care Manager. Our premier home care enables seniors to age in place despite illness or injury. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call.

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