Life-Saving Senior Care Devices: Part I

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Home blood pressure monitoring

Technology has come a long way in recent years and many experts have created extremely helpful and potentially life-saving devices for senior adults. The senior care experts at Home Care Clearwater have taken the time to compile a list of the latest and greatest devices that aim to protect the elderly from illness, accidents, and disease. This two-part series will present information about several in-home gadgets and gizmos that are worth investing in, with Part Two focusing solely on medical alert systems.

Home Care Assistance just wants to remind you that we are not endorsing any of the following products and after thorough research and an unbiased opinion, we have found the following items to be helpful and beneficial to the aging population.


Solo V2 Talking Blood Glucose Monitor

The Solo V2 is a voice output glucose analyzer designed for people with diabetes and impaired vision. The battery-operated device gives audible test results in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Using a tiny blood sample, an analysis is made in 6 seconds and test results are shown on a large screen. An audible alert warns your senior of a low blood glucose level. Included in the kit are: 10 test strips, pen-style lancet device, 10 lancets, control solution, and durable carry case. Free software is also provided for downloading test results to a computer to track blood glucose changes. The Solo V2 comes with a 5-year warranty. It can be purchased at for $58.95.


The MED-Q Pillbox

This is a medication alert device that flags a person’s attention with up to four alarms and flashing light. When an alarm goes off, it will increase in volume over a 5-minute period and a flashing light appears on the individual pill compartment that needs to be opened. The unit has 14 pill compartments for a 2-week schedule and each compartment holds up to 10 full-size pills. Tabs are easy to open and feature both printed and braille labeling for every day of the week. If medication is not taken at the designated time, the alarms will repeat every 30 minutes. MED-Q is endorsed by 12 health organizations, including The American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s Association, Web MD, and AARP. The MED-Q Pillbox is sold by for $54.95.



Cardiocom is a home monitoring system for people with congestive heart failure. This is a dangerous condition where fluid builds up in the lungs and body tissues due to a weakened heart. This condition, known as cardiomyopathy, results in difficulty breathing, uncomfortable swelling and weight gain. Cardiocom uses a platform scale to monitor fluid build-up and electronically transmits findings to a nurse case manager. A Live in Care Clearwater can call in with concerns regarding breathing, swelling, and weight. If the nurse determines that symptoms are related to heart failure, she will speak with the senior’s doctor. By daily monitoring of risk factors, Cardiocom can save a person’s life.


Omron BP-652 Automatic Wrist 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the advantages of home blood pressure monitoring is avoiding “white coat syndrome.” This is when blood pressure increases abnormally due to doctor-related anxiety. A person can also measure their progress with making lifestyle and dietary changes. Continued and unchecked high blood pressure can result in stroke and heart disease, and ultimately lead to death.

This monitor, which is worn around the wrist, automatically activates when your aging parent is at the proper heart level. It uses flashing orange and blue lights to signal the correct position and it also features an irregular heart beat detector. Its memory stores 100 readings with dates and times in large numbers that are easy to read. The Omrom Wrist 7 Series is the #1 brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists. sells it for $48.50.


Every day, new home devices are becoming available that can ultimately save your loved one’s life. A monitoring device for your senior can be a valuable source of protection; however, nothing can replace the value of an expertly trained and experienced in-home senior caregiver from Tampa Home Care Assistance. If you’re interested in seeing firsthand why Home Care Assistance has been deemed the trusted and qualified provider of Tampa Bay senior care, call 727-330-7862 Don’t forget to come back to next week to read Part Two of this important series.


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