Does the Montessori Method Treat Alzheimer’s?

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Can the Montessori Method Treat Alzheimer's Disease in Tampa Bay, FL?

An Italian teacher developed the Montessori method of teaching children early in the 20th century. It was quite innovative as it recognized what children were able to do and what they might like to do, as opposed to the rote learning and arbitrary rules popular in the past. Challenging students by assigning tasks a little beyond where the child felt secure gave them the opportunity to grow and improve without the frustration of failure. It’s this revolutionary method that Palm Harbor Alzheimer’s home care providers might use to help the seniors in their care.

How Does the Montessori Method Work for Alzheimer’s Care?

The Montessori method can be implemented for adult learners as well. Engagement of all senses helps people living with dementia rediscover a world they are losing touch with. Physical experiences like listening to or playing music and painting pictures triggers positive memories and cognitive stimulation that those with Alzheimer’s or dementia need to stave off mental symptoms.

Reconnecting with Memories

Dementia progresses in stages, and sometimes a person seems withdrawn and suspicious. Long-term memory faculties are very much present at this time, and the Montessori method can help a person to reconnect with past thoughts and feelings. Something as simple as a favorite song or fresh flowers and a vase may provide sensory cues to powerful memories. 

Applying Montessori Methods

Dr. Cameron Camp is a psychologist specializing in applied gerontology. He is intrigued with the idea that people receiving Tampa Bay dementia care are still emotionally and mentally accessible with the right approaches. For instance, dementia often reduces the ability to feed oneself. Dr. Camp employs activities such as digging a spoon into dry rice to discover a treasure. The person is engaged in a diversion, but he or she is also relearning the motor skills of eating with a utensil.

Alzheimer’s hides a person’s real potential from dementia caregivers in Palm Harbor. Those that employ the Montessori method of reengaging Alzheimer’s and dementia patients find that the accomplishments and new skills build confidence and improve quality of life.

It’s important for seniors with Alzheimer’s to maintain cognitive function, which is why Clearwater Home Care Assistance supplements Alzheimer’s and dementia home care with our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM). This revolutionary program consists of a series of cognitively engaging games and activities that delay the onset of dementia, boost memory and speech skills, and promote self-esteem. Call (727) 330-7862 today to learn more about CTM and our cognitive services.

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