Why It’s Important for Senior Women to Get Gynecological Exams

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Reasons for Senior Women to Visit the Gynecologist in Tampa Bay, FL

If you look after a woman who is older than 65, then encourage her to see her gynecologist on an annual basis. There are many reasons that this visit is extremely important, which is why Clearwater Home Care agencies recommend that elderly women continue to see their gynecologists. Despite being older and experiencing menopause, there are still several medical issues elderly women face.

Cancer Screening

One of the most important reasons she needs to see a gynecologist is to check for the presence of cancer. Cancer of the uterus, cervical cancer and breast cancer are the leading causes of death for older women. However, when these diseases are caught early, women have more options regarding how they want to handle the situation. Senior women can receive an early cancer diagnosis by visiting their gynecologists regularly.

Estrogen Replacement

Many women have been on estrogen replacement therapy for a number of years. For these women, the effects of these medications need to be evaluated on an ongoing basis. For example, women over 65 should have their bone density checked to make sure that they are not prone to osteoporosis. For those who have never been on estrogen replacement medicine, the body may slowly stop producing estrogen. In this instance, these women may choose to start this hormone therapy.


More women than ever before are remaining sexually active after the age of 65. This leads to increased incidences of sexually transmitted diseases. Catching these diseases early is key to their successful treatment. In addition to visiting the gynecologist, live-in Safety Harbor caregivers need to remind their senior loved one’s to practice safe sex.

Sexual Problems

Other women would love to be sexually active in their 60s, but find that it hurts too much. There are medications that doctors can prescribe to help women with vaginal dryness that can make sex activity much more comfortable. As the vagina ages, it often tears more easily which can cause pain. Doctors have solutions that can help women enjoy sex until a very advanced age.

If you love a woman over the age of 65, then please stress to her the importance of seeing her gynecologist on a regular basis. You might also consider hiring a trusted home care provider to help her around the house. Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay not only encourages seniors to lead active and healthy lives, but we also provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke care Safety Harbor families rely on to maintain their loved ones’ wellbeing. Call (727) 330-7862 today to learn more from a trusted Care Manager who can customize a care plan for your loved one.

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