How Do You Identify the Warning Signs of a Stroke?

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How to Identify Stroke Warning Signs in Tampa Bay, FL

Strokes can cause devastating brain damage. However, the sooner a stroke is treated, the less likely extensive, long-term brain damage will occur. A stroke can happen gradually or strike without warning. Therefore, becoming familiar with the early warning signs of an impending stroke can ensure your senior loved one gets prompt life-saving medical attention if he or she does experience a stroke.


A headache that occurs suddenly without any other known cause can be an early warning sign of a stroke. The pain is usually severe and catches the individual off guard.

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Sudden disorientation to a person’s surroundings or the current date and time can often indicate a stroke is occurring. The sudden lack of blood supply can quickly disrupt otherwise normal mental functioning.

Slurred Speech 

Another indicator the brain is being deprived of its oxygen supply is slurred speech. It will become difficult to understand your loved one in a conversation, and your parent will likely be unaware that his or her speech is slurred.

Facial Drooping 

Facial drooping occurs when one side of the face becomes uncontrollably asymmetrical to the other side.

Impaired Motor Function

Seniors experiencing the beginnings of a stroke may have difficulty walking and lose their balance and coordination.

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Visual Disturbances

Another stroke warning sign is a disruption in vision that may present as difficulty in focusing with one or both eyes. Visual symptoms such as double vision, blurriness, or blindness may also occur.


People in the early stages of a stroke may experience a feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness. This dizziness may also be accompanied by vomiting. 

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