How You Can Get Help with Your Caregiving Responsibilities

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Ways to Get Help with Your Caregiving Responsibilities in Tampa Bay, FL

Being a caregiver is a challenging role. While you may handle most of your senior loved one’s needs, you should never try to do it all alone. Caregivers who know how to seek help are less likely to experience burnout and health issues due to stress. Try using these tips to get help with caregiving so you always have a full support network during times of need.

Identify Your Needs

Your first step is to figure out what kinds of help you need. Since every caregiving situation is different, you must conduct your own assessment. For instance, you may only need to have someone stay with your loved one while you work or handle your chores at home, or you may need a caregiver to help you lift your loved one multiple times each day. If you’re unsure of what you need, you can arrange for a professional home care assessment that can help you identify challenges you might miss if you’re new to caregiving.

Being a caregiver for a loved one can be extremely rewarding, but it can also feel overwhelming at times. If you’re the primary family caregiver for an elderly loved one and need additional assistance providing high-quality home care services, Clearwater Home Care Assistance can help. We are a leading home care agency committed to changing the way seniors age.

Make Clear Requests

Once you know your needs, divide them up into tasks that can be done by people you already know or by professionals, then think about how you can word your requests for help. While a professional caregiver will often intuitively know what to do, your friends and family will respond better to clear requests for help that tell them what needs to be done. For instance, you can ask them to be available to take your loved one to appointments at set times each week. When they fully understand your expectations, they can give you better answers as to whether or not they can handle the responsibilities.

Reach Out to Family Members

Your family and friends should be a significant part of your support network. You may also find that many people want to help but don’t know how. Once you give them your clearly worded request, they will hopefully be willing to do what they can to help out. As you reach out to your family members, try to ask for help that falls in line with their individual skill sets. For instance, your nurturing sister may be the best person to read a story to your loved one, while someone with a background in nursing may do best with medication reminders.

Make sure to practice self-care, too. Family caregivers need to care for their own wellbeing. Whether your elderly loved one needs part-time assistance with basic household chores or you need a break from your caregiving duties, the Clearwater respite care experts at Home Care Assistance are here to help. All of our respite care services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there are no hidden fees in our contracts, and we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts.

Explore Community Resources

Many communities have a wealth of resources designed to promote health for seniors. Look for things such as a senior center that offers activities that can prevent you from being your loved one’s sole source of entertainment and socialization. Volunteers in your community can also help with tasks such as yard work and grocery shopping.

Hire Professional Caregivers

Even with a solid group of friends and family members willing to help, you’re bound to find a few holes that need to be filled. This is where professional home caregivers come in. You can arrange for professional caregivers to help with household management tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene care. They can also give you respite when your other sources of help are unable to take on responsibilities.

An experienced professional caregiver can be a wonderful asset for you and your family as you manage the many responsibilities of providing care for your loved one. Though you may be researching multiple agencies that provide Home Care, Clearwater Home Care Assistance has much to offer your family and your elderly loved one. We are leaders in the senior home care industry, offering proprietary programs like our holistic Balanced Care Method and around-the-clock assistance from reliable, experienced caregivers. Trust Home Care Assistance to help your loved one enjoy a happier and healthier life in the golden years. Call one of our friendly Care Managers today at (727) 330-7862 to learn more about our customized care plans.

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