Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Age

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Although there are many things that seniors need to do to attain optimal wellness, maintaining a healthy weight is particularly important. As a Clearwater home care agency that specializes in offering care to seniors within their own homes, we recognize the role that weight management can play in helping the elderly lead productive, positive lives. By reading the information found below, you can gain a basic understanding of why senior weight management is important as well as how to facilitate this process.

Why Weight Management is Important

As many health experts know, the country is currently facing a health crisis with 2/3 of the population being either overweight or obese. Some of the adverse effects of being overweight in one’s senior years include increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and depression. People who are overweight are oftentimes also at risk for dying prematurely and suffering from low self-esteem.

How to Shed the Extra Pounds

Seniors who are interested in beginning a weight management program can begin this process in several ways. In many cases, it is most advantageous to attain professional assistance from dietitians, nutritionists, and personal trainers. These individuals can devise meal plans as well as exercise routines that are designed to promote holistic health and wellness. Of course, before seniors start a new exercise regimen, it’s best to speak with a doctor who can conduct a physical evaluation to ensure overall safety.

Additionally, the professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance can assist elderly clients in their home and are happy to offer the guidance, support, and encouragement necessary to help them make healthy food choices and remain active throughout the day. Under the care and support of a live-in or hourly home caregiver in Clearwater, families can enjoy peace of mind that their loved one is not only making healthy decisions, but is doing so in a safe and effective manner.

Understanding the Risks

Although developing a weight management program is important and often necessary for elderly adults, there are risks that should be considered. The two primary risks are psychological discomfort and the implementation of faulty weight management strategies. Fortunately, with the proper professional support systems in place, seniors can avoid these risks and maintain a healthy weight, thereby leading more productive, positive lives.

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