Exercises That Support Senior Health

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Stay Happy and Stay Healthy by Exercising

Exercising regularly, or at all, can become more challenging with age, but a senior body can still be a healthy body. Help your elderly loved one improve his or her overall wellbeing with the following exercises, recommended by home Care Clearwater.


Light or moderate cardio activities such as walking, swimming, or using a treadmill are great for the heart and lungs. These activities burn calories, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and increase energy levels. If your loved one isn’t used to exercising, they should start out by doing five minutes of aerobic activity at a time until he or she builds up endurance.

Strength Training

Even light weightlifting can strengthen muscles, reducing symptoms of arthritis and other chronic conditions. Strength training also improves coordination, lowers body fat, and increases bone mass and density. Your loved one may benefit from upper body exercises such as arm curls and elbow extensions or lower body exercises like knee curls and back leg raises.


Lifting exercises improve your loved one’s range of motion and flexibility, which can help ease joint pain and stiffness and make everyday lifting activities easier. Using weights can prevent broken bones and offer relief from arthritis, while shoulder rolls can increase overall mobility.


Balance exercises help prevent your loved one from falling and possibly breaking or fracturing a bone. Your loved one can improve his or her balance by doing back leg raises, standing on one foot, and doing side leg raises. These exercises work best at reducing the risk of falls when combined with regular strength training.

Don’t let your loved one grow discouraged if he or she has initial trouble with some of these exercises. Instead, consider part-time care in Clearwater. At Home Care Assistance, our hourly caregivers offer the emotional support and physical assistance your loved one needs to stay motivated and on track. Please give one of our Care Managers a call at (727) 330-7862 to learn more or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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