Dementia Home Care: Finding the Right Fit

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When seeking dementia home care for patients in Belleair, you may struggle to find a caretaker that truly understands the needs of your loved one. The caretaker may be thoroughly trained in the various medical techniques, but may not be very personable or pleasant. Alternatively, perhaps the opposite is true, and the individual lacks proper medical knowledge. Either case is insufficient because they will lead to your loved ones being left without the attention and assistance necessary. Make sure the people you hold closest to your heart are enjoying every hour of their day.

Two Types of Dementia Home Care: Hourly and 24-hour

We provide Belleair patients with the dementia home care necessary for them to continue living a happy and healthy life with as much independence as they need. We understand how difficult juggling an exhausting career, spending quality time with the kids, cleaning up the house, and looking after a loved one can be. That is why our goal is to eliminate some of your stress by offering you two types of services to cater to your schedule: hourly and 24-hour assistance.

More than a Helper, Also a Friend

Our highly skilled caretakers have experience with dementia home care and genuinely understand the difficulties plaguing older adults. This type of understanding and thoughtfulness is what sets our caregivers apart from others in Belleair. Older individuals do not want to feel as if their independence is being stripped away. They want someone to provide assistance during times of need, but companionship otherwise.

Many businesses hire caretakers that merely want to perform their job and go home. We, on the other hand, provide dementia home care specialized for those suffering from the condition that goes beyond the line of duty. Our highly trained professionals work with you to become a helper and a friend.

Targeted Exercises to Combat Dementia

Our caregivers are also well versed in our comprehensive Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This ingenious new way to age opens up doors to increased longevity and mental acuity. The techniques included in the program have been designed and tested by various researchers, each improving specific mental functions.

Making this progressive methodology a part of our dementia home care services changes the way Belleair residents age for the better. The program is designed to improve various functions, such as:

  • Verbal communication
  • Mental clarity
  • Memory
  • Focus and attention
  • Reasoning
  • Problem-solving skills

Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay – Quality Care for the Ones You Love

There is no better time to get the assistance you need than right now. We provide award-winning dementia home care to Belleair individuals who are seeking help. Your loved ones are waiting to get the attention and assistance they deserve. If you want to ensure that you get the best, most intelligent, and exceptionally compassionate caregiver for your loved one, call Home Care Clearwater at 727-330-7862 today.

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