For individuals seeking dementia care services in Belleair, it is important to know there are options available to you. It is beyond heartbreaking to take on the responsibilities of a loved one – whether it be a grandparent, parent, or spouse – when they experience the onset of cognitive impairment. They may have only noticed a slight decline in mental acuity, or may be experiencing the onset of dementia. No matter the case, being a constant source of support can be difficult when you are living the pain of this diagnosis with them.

Exploring dementia care available to your loved ones in Belleair is a proactive decision. You do not have to trudge through this jungle of emotions and fear alone, and asking for help sooner rather than later can only be of benefit. You may be struggling to balance a full-time job, spending time with your children, and acting as a caretaker for your loved one. Do not let yourself crumble away because of an overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety; your negative feelings may impede your ability to actually enjoy the time you do get to spend with your family. We want to help ease the strain of this trying time, so you can continue to be strong for the ones you love.


At Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay, we guarantee the best caregivers for individuals seeking dementia care in Belleair. Our staff, which is comprised of highly trained professionals, is dedicated to improving your quality of life. They have exceptional education on how to best interact with those suffering from cognitive impairments, and are trained to notice even the faintest of signs which may indicate a need for medical support. Our specialists are not only there to help with medical needs, but can also assist your loved ones in their daily activities; this makes the activities easier and more enjoyable while ensuring the patient still experiences their independence.

We offer two dementia care services for those in need of a caregiver in Belleair: hourly and 24-hour. Hourly services are tailored to your schedule and requirements while 24-hour services will allow you to be sure your loved ones are looked after at all times of the day. We are determined to provide you with the assistance you need when you need it, and will work tirelessly to find a caregiver that fits your loved one’s particular needs and personality. We believe it is important to have your family member’s caregiver be their companion and friend through this difficult time because active support is vital for maintaining optimal health.


Our highly skilled, knowledgeable Belleair specialists are trained in our comprehensive approach to dementia care; this includes a thorough understanding of our Cognitive Therapeutics Method that promotes healthy, long-lasting intellect. This captivating ideology emphasizes exercising the mind using over twenty specialized activities. We go beyond memory training; our ultimate goals are to enhance language skills, judgment, reasoning, and ability to solve problems. Our caregivers are trained to teach patients and give them the acute attention necessary to continue living a full life.

Do not miss out on premiere dementia care available in Belleair. Our compassionate, skilled, and understanding caregivers are here to support you as you help your loved one combat cognitive decline or the onset of dementia. We want to change the way the world ages by securing individual health and longevity.


For individuals residing in Belleair who are in search of dementia care services, we have all of the necessary tools, staff, and techniques to ensure you receive the best aid available. We understand how busy life can be – monitoring your family at home, paying the bills, working a job, and attending classes – which is why we are here for you. Let us provide you with hourly or 24-hour assistance to make life easier for you and your loved one.

If your loved one is suffering from cognitive impairments or is experiencing early symptoms of cognitive decline, call us at (727) 330-7862 and speak with a representative today. We have caregivers ready and waiting to work with your schedule to bring you the best help possible.