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Kelley Carney for Caregiver of the Month

Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay would like to nominate Kelley Carney for the Caregiver of the Month Award. ​She truly has made a difference in the lives of any clients she comes in contact with. On a day to day basis she unselfishly and quietly goes about changing the way her clients are aging.

Kelley was one of our early hires when we opened our doors in the summer of 2014. She came to us by way of Honolulu, Hawaii where she was a CNA experienced in the care of seniors. One of the immediate traits Kelley demonstrated during her orientation and interviewing process was a caring and calming presence about her. She was humble and confident in her desire to help others and it was immediately evident that Hawaii’s loss would be our gain. No task proves too big or too small for her–she goes about completing every challenge with a calm, upbeat smiling attitude putting everyone around her at ease.

We knew shortly after putting Kelley on a few cases she would be ideal for a prospective new client we had been talking with for a few months. This client’s husband was worn out after years of taking care of his wife who suffered with the advancing stages of Alzheimer’s. He would come in out office and just sit and talk to us on a weekly basis prior to us starting service. he loved his wife dearly and he was faced with a very difficult decision, bring in home care for her or place her in a memory unit. We could tell how he was struggling with this decision. It was obvious he wanted her to remain at home but he could no longer be her primary caregiver. He made it very specific of the type of caregiver he wanted for his wife. After choosing Home Care Clearwater, he challenged us to find the perfect caregiver for his wife’s needs.

We knew Kelley would be the perfect fit. We then took Kelley off all her other clients and introduced her to the family. Kelly became an expert at working with his wife using Cognitive Therapy as well as many other approaches to win her trust. Our client went from an extremely angry, agitated person to someone who now enjoys walking, sitting on her back porch to enjoy nature, reading books, and much much more! Her husband has gone from a sad

exhausted man to man with a smile on his face and a skip in his step. The story continues to go on, and the rest is history.

For these reasons, we feel Kelly Carney is the perfect example of what it takes to Change the Way the World Ages and deserves recognition as The Caregiver of the Month.

Answered Questions:

Why I love being a caregiver:

I love being a caregiver because there is no greater reward in life than helping another person. I love going to work every day and knowing that I am helping someone live a happier and more fulfilling life.

What got me interested in caregiving:

I don’t know for sure. As long as I can remember I have always had the need to help if I could. Especially those who, for various reasons, are unable
to help themselves.

Favorite activities:

I love doing any activities that I can see how much the client enjoys. However, my favorite thing to do is talk with clients. I love hearing stories and telling my stories and feeling like I am having a conversation with a friend.

Best part about Home Care:

The best part about working for Home Care Assistance is the people. Everyone I’ve worked with or met through the company genuinely cares about what we do. The focus is the client and making sure they are not just content, but happy. I feel extremely lucky to not only have an amazing client, but amazing support from everyone at Home Care Assistance. 

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