iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps for Family Caregivers

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Apps for Family Caregivers

Being a senior caregiver is a full-time job. Not only are you managing your own life, but you’re managing someone else’s as well, including important appointments, dietary needs, and a social calendar. No one is able to better understand the needs, frustrations, and joys of caregivers better than Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of home Care Clearwater, families can count on. Here are a handful of apps designed for caregivers that are favorites among our staff.

Caregiver’s Touch

This versatile app is great for caregivers of elderly people with a variety of medical needs. Features of the Caregiver’s Touch app include a log for essential personal and medical history information and a calendar that accommodates caregiving activities for more than one elderly person. The app supports information sharing in situations when there is more than one caregiver. Users pay $4.99 for the iPhone app and a monthly web subscription fee of $19.95.


Balance features information about Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving, and general advice ideal for caregivers providing in-home Alzheimer’s care in Clearwater. It includes a feeding and medication dosing schedule and a place to take notes for upcoming doctor’s appointments. Balance can merge dosing reminders with the built-in calendar and alarm systems within the iPad. This app is only for the iPad and costs just $.99.


CareZone is a free app that works for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Users can enter information about their senior loved one such as date of birth and medical history. The medication tracking section is thorough and includes a place for drug allergy information. Information can be shared and is kept protected with passwords.


MobiCare is free for the iPad and offers medication tracking and reminders. Caregivers can also track a senior’s symptoms and behavioral changes. A profile for the senior can be created and has places for physician contact information and pharmacies.


The purpose of Unfrazzle is to track anything and everything. Caregivers can set it up to track medications, feeding, sleeping, symptoms, schedules and doctor’s appointments. This app is highly customizable and also includes a journal option in which the caregiver can share information with others. It is free on all devices.

Caregiving can be a tiring a job, there’s no doubt about it, but with a little help from technology caregivers can better manage the needs of the senior along with their own needs. If you need a respite from caregiving, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Home Care Assistance of Tampa can provide a highly trained and compassionate caregiver for your loved one at a moment’s notice. Call (727) 330-7862 and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today.

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