6 Apps Every Family Caregiver Needs

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Top 6 Apps Caregivers Need in Tampa Bay, FL

New apps available to caregivers open up possibilities that can streamline their senior loved one’s care routine. When you get a spare moment, make sure to check out these apps that every family caregiver should have on their favorite electronic device.

1. CareZone

Trying to keep up with all of your loved one’s health information can be challenging. With CareZone, you can keep details about your loved one’s health, such as a list of allergies and current medications, along with health insurance information all in one place. CareZone also lets you create to-do lists that include your loved one’s appointment schedule and medication routine.

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2. iPharmacy Pro

Many seniors take multiple medications that may need to come from different pharmacies. iPharmacy Pro is a great app to keep track of your loved one’s prescription and over-the-counter medications. The iPharmacy Pro app also lets you check for potential drug interactions so you can prevent medication mishaps.

3. Symple

Keeping track of your loved one’s symptoms can be difficult if they change from day to day. With the Symple app, you can take note of how your loved one feels each day, new symptoms such as unusual fatigue, and potential contributing factors to the symptoms such as recently taking a medication dose or exercising. Then, you can bring the recorded information along to doctor appointments to identify the underlying cause for how your loved one feels.

4. CaringBridge

Good communication among your family and professional caregivers is essential for establishing continuity of care. CaringBridge is an app that allows you to set up a network for sharing between everyone who assists with your loved one’s care. From sending updates about your loved one’s current state of health to reminding each other about upcoming appointments, no one has to feel left out when you can all see the same information on the app. 

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5. Headspace

Both family caregivers and seniors are at high risk for anxiety and depression. Headspace is an app that provides guided meditation and mindfulness training you can do alone or together. Over time, you can use this app to relieve stress and relax to prevent burnout. Since the guided meditations range from quick five-minute practices to longer sessions, you can easily select one that fits into each day’s schedule.

6. Red Cross First Aid and CPR

Family caregivers are often first responders in a medical emergency. While you should always consider taking a course in first aid and CPR, you can use the Red Cross First Aid and CPR app to review information between training sessions. Having the First Aid app on your phone also makes it easier to keep your loved one safe if he or she sustains a serious injury at home.

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