An Early Start Means Better Dementia Care

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Keeping Elderly Dementia at Bay

Forgetting things from time to time is common, but what about when these lags in memory start to affect the daily life of your loved one? While there are several signs of Alzheimer’s, not everyone in Safety Harbor knows what to look for. You might brush off the fact that your mother called you by your sister’s name, but if it happens often enough, you should look into it. If these behaviors become more consistent, consult a doctor. After a confirmed diagnosis, you then need to decide how you’re going to address dementia care.

The Importance of Early Detection

If your parent or grandparent is experiencing the onset of memory loss, they can only advocate for themselves so much. It’s up to close family and friends in Safety Harbor to watch for behaviors that are out of character. Failing to spot the signs can make the eventual realization more painful and certainly more stressful. Detecting Alzheimer’s early has numerous benefits and allows you to:

Explore Available Treatments Earlier. The more time you have to investigate therapy options and medications, the better. If you can get a leg up on the symptoms, you stand a better chance of maintaining their independence longer.

Plan Ahead Efficiently. There is so much to consider when your spouse or friend learns they need dementia care. When you get an early start, they can participate in more of the decisions. You will have to decide where they will live in Safety Harbor and how to handle transportation, as well as deal with legal and financial documents.

The earlier you start building a qualified dementia care team, the stronger it will be.

Get the Dementia Care You Need from Home Care Assistance

Some family members in Safety Harbor may think that they can handle their parent’s, grandparent’s, or spouse’s condition. We don’t doubt that your love for them is strong, but we encourage you to consider how stressful dementia care can be. Wouldn’t you rather dedicate your time and energy toward making positive, lasting memories with them?

Choosing to work with Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay is an investment. We have staff who are trained to assist patients with symptoms of Alzheimer’s. In addition to keeping your loved one safe and well cared for, they also get:

  • Social interaction
  • Accountability for positive activities, like exercise
  • Help with chores around the house
  • Healthy meal preparation

Even if your parent or spouse is experiencing changes internally, they can stay in the comfort of their own home. This familiar environment can make the struggles of Alzheimer’s less stressful.

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