Alzheimer’s Care: 6 Brain-Stimulating Activities

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Alzheimer’s care

If your loved one in Clearwater has been diagnosed with dementia, you may be having a tough time coping. Once the initial shock subsides, plans will need to be made. For Alzheimer’s care patients, brain-engaging activities are essential to their daily routine. Not only do stimulating hobbies enhance their enjoyment of life, but it can also slow the progression of the condition.

The Alzheimer’s care team at home Care Clearwater has some suggestions for you.

1.  Visit the Park, Beach, or the Botanical Gardens

Fresh air does wonders for us all, and it can brighten the day of your parent or spouse. Regular field trips add excitement to the schedule, so plan a visit to the park, beach, or the botanical gardens. The crashing waves on Clearwater Beach are calming, and they may enjoy watching the pelicans dive. If they have a canine companion, go to the dog park for all-around socialization. The botanical gardens in Seminole offer beautiful scenery, benches, and paved paths— perfect for those in wheelchairs.

2. Watch Home Movies

Another way to engage the brain is to watch home movies. Those undergoing Alzheimer’s care struggle with memory loss, but that doesn’t rule out a stroll down memory lane. Even though they may not always remember all of the filmed events, the images can promote discussion and laughter.

3. Clean Around the House

Despite how routine cleaning may seem to you, it can be stimulating for those with memory loss. The habitual movements can be comforting, so invite them to join you as you:

  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Do the dishes
  • Disinfect the kitchen
  • Wipe down counters

Bring the supplies and a good attitude for this activity in their Clearwater home!

4. Cook or Bake Together

Does your loved one enjoy cooking or baking? Join in the fun and supervise the making of one of their favorite recipes. Following directions can engage the brain and measurements call for attention to detail. This Alzheimer’s care activity also leads to a tasty reward!

5. Work on Puzzles

If movement is strenuous for your spouse or parent in Clearwater, puzzles can accommodate their limited range of motion. Puzzles engage and stimulate the brain, and it can be fun to let your parent or spouse choose the designs they like. They are also terrific because they do not have to be done in one sitting. The puzzle will be there day in and day out until your loved one completes it.

6. Make Something

If your spouse has a favorite discipline, like watercolors or knitting, encourage them to continue doing it. Crocheting a blanket or tending a garden can fire up the brain. In some ways, the individual may not seem like themselves. However, a favored activity promotes their established identity.

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