4 Gadgets to Improve Senior Stroke Recovery

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Up until recently, seniors who had a stroke were advised that recovery was only possible within the first six months. However, thanks to evolving technology, it’s now feasible to regain function several years later. Although that’s great news, it doesn’t make the recovery process any easier. These 4 devices, however, can!

1. Bath Kit

After a stroke, some seniors find home stroke care in Palm Harbor extremely helpful for everyday tasks like cooking and light cleaning, but certain things, like bathing, seniors still prefer to do on their own. This kit consists of a handle 22.5 inches long and 2 round interchangeable sponges, a toe cleaner, and foot brush. For seniors who can’t stretch, bend, or have limited reach, the bath kit makes bathing oneself easier, promoting independence and dignity.

2. Sock Aid

A sock aid consists of a handle attached to a scoop. Seniors pull the sock over the scoop and slide their foot into it. The trough shape of the scoop holds the sock open, and the rigid handle provides firm control.

3. Combination Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn

This ingenious device is a multipurpose dressing aid. It can be used to:

  • Remove socks and shoes
  • Pull on clothing
  • Open and close drawers
  • Operate light switches

This dressing stick consists of a long rod with tools at each end. One on end, there is a large hook for pulling and a flat edge for pushing. At the opposite end there is a shoehorn with a notch to help remove socks and shoes. The rod is textured for easy gripping. The product is made of lightweight plastic and measures 24 inches in length.

4. Speech Therapy Software by Bungalow

This user-friendly software improves word retrieval and pronunciation. There are 23 colorful, fun, and engaging programs that provide various types of speech therapy and help fine-tune speech with practice.

Clinical studies have shown that speech therapy software provides substantial gains in language skills. After a stroke, speech plateaus may result. Bungalow offers an online tool that aids in selecting the right program for a given need. Once the appropriate program is identified, you can download a free trial to test it.

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