Senior Health Tips for the Holidays

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Keeping Elderly Healthy During Holidays

With most of the major holidays occurring during the cooler months, people are often faced with the temptation to stay indoors and not engage in regular physical activity. Combined with rich foods and larger than normal portions, holidays can spell trouble for seniors attempting to maintain a healthy diet. The home care experts of Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay recommend the following to ensure your loved one has a happy and healthy holiday season.

Stay Physically Active
Despite dropping temperatures, it is vital seniors find ways to remain active throughout the holiday season. When temperatures are too cool to permit brisk walks once or twice a day, active seniors can find creative ways to exercise indoors. Fitness centers, shopping malls, and other large facilities offer a perfect venue to connect with new friends and stretch weary muscles.

Monitor Daily Nutrition Intake
Because many well-meaning visitors drop by with delicious baked goods during the last few months of the year, seniors are often tempted to indulge in holiday goodies. Without even realizing it, they can quickly eat several servings of cookies, cakes, pies, and other high-calorie foods. Keep an eye on your loved one’s nutritional intake throughout the day to ensure he or she continues to maintain a healthy diet, even while enjoying a few treats. If your loved one needs help preparing healthy meals or monitoring his or her nutritional intake, consider hiring an  hourly caregiver in Clearwater, FL to provide additional assistance.

Enjoy Celebratory Functions
Depression, anxiety, and loneliness often plague seniors during the holiday season. These emotions often cause mindless behaviors such as overeating and retreating. Family parties and other social functions are great reminders of the active and fulfilling lifestyle your senior loved one leads. Keep him or her socially active and engaged for as much of the holiday season as possible.

During the cold winter months it’s easy to stay in by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and snack on sweet treats. As tempting as those things sound, it’s important to keep your elderly family member as active and healthy as possible. The experienced and trusted caregivers of Tampa Home Care Assistance can ensure your loved one meets nutritional and physical needs even in the coldest months. For more information on part-time and Clearwater live-in home care services available in your area, please call (727) 330-7862.

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