5 Little-Known Benefits of Knitting

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How Knitting Can Benefit the Elderly in Tampa Bay, FL

While no one is sure of the exact origins of knitting, it became a popular way to make a living in England by 1527 when the first knitting unions were formed. While your senior may never be the world’s fastest knitter who can knit up to 118 stitches in a minute, Clearwater Home Care providers believe are many benefits that seniors can glean from knitting.

1. Knitting Makes Seniors Happier

Seniors who knit are happier, according to scientists. Since the mind is kept active, it has less time to dwell on the negatives things your loved one might be facing. Finishing a knitting project gives the seniors a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

2. Knitting Allows Seniors to Be Generous

There are many organizations that would love to have something knitted by your senior. Often children’s hospitals can use knitted stuffed toys. Knitters can also create these toys for the local emergency responders who use them to calm scared children. Child Protective Services often make use of knitted blankets. When seniors create knitted objects for these purposes, they are able to get involved in the community.

3. Knitting Allows Seniors to Create Projects for Their Home

From knitted potholders to table décor, there are many ways that seniors can create beautiful things for their homes. When seniors create crafts for their home, they have the benefit of living in an environment that they helped create as they have personalized their space.

4. Knitting Helps Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Knitting requires a person’s hands, eyes and brain to all work together. This keeps these connections active. Scientists know that seniors who receive Safety Harbor dementia care can delay the onset of cognitive decline by exercising their hand-eye coordination.

5. Knitting Relieves Stress

Since seniors are focusing on the project at hand, they have less time to fret about things that are beyond their control. This allows the senior to focus on the now, instead of worrying about what tomorrow may bring.

There are many reasons that knitting is a great hobby for seniors. It becomes even more fun when they knit with someone they love. Contact Home Care Assistance at (727) 330-7862 today to learn about other beneficial activities your loved one can enjoy. Our flexible live-in and hourly in-home care in Safety Harbor helps seniors lead active lives and maintain healthy lifestyles. Call today to have an experienced Care Manager customize a special care plan for your loved one.

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