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Parkinson’s Care | Palm Harbor | Clearwater | Belleair | Safety Harbor

Parkinson’s Care | Palm Harbor | Clearwater | Belleair | Safety Harbor

When it comes to Parkinson’s care, seniors will often need specialized and personalized plans to manage their symptoms, which is why so many people turn to Home Care Assistance of Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, and Safety Harbor. As this disease progresses, symptoms such as tremors, loss of balance, and muscle stiffness can progress, turning minor difficulties with basic motor functions into a dependence on others to perform even the most basic tasks. Professional assistance can improve the quality of life of anyone living with this disease by allowing for more independence.

Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care Services

As the leading provider of Parkinson’s care in the Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, and Safety Harbor areas, Home Care Assistance seeks to help seniors manage symptoms and preserve their dignity and sense of independence by offering the following:

  • We offer flexible hourly and 24-hour assistance plans based on the individual’s needs
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our patients
  • Our plans do not require a long-term contract or hidden fees over time
  • The Home Care Assistance staff has some of the most dedicated client care managers you’ll find in the industry
  • On-going assistance and 24/7 availability is in place to ensure that all patients have access to a caregiver when they need one
  • Our caregivers are reliable, experienced, and compassionate

Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Compassionate Staff

Because this disease can affect each patient in a different way, Parkinson’s care must be individualized. Many people don’t realize that symptoms vary between patients, and a patient’s abilities can even vary drastically from day to day. Luckily, at Home Care Assistance of Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, and Safety Harbor, we have a staff that understands the complexities of this disease and can care for patients accordingly.

All of our caregivers are specialized experts in this disease and have previous industry experience. Each staff member participates in ongoing training at our Home Care Assistance University, so all our caregivers understand when and how to assist a patient, when to step back and supervise a patient, and when to encourage independence for patients. Our highly trained and compassionate caregivers have a high level of skill and understanding, use innovative, effective techniques to empower seniors living with the disease, and always keeping safety in mind.

Respite Care and Assistance to Relieve Family Members

Providing superior Parkinson’s care is about more than caring for the patient; it is about providing support and relief for family members and loved ones. So many Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, and Safety Harbor clients turn to us for essential respite services, which are available early in the mornings, late in the evenings, overnight, on an hourly basis, or around the clock as needed to provide short-term, professional relief to family members.

Our team members are on call 24/7 to assist family members with questions and concerns, and we have on-staff caregivers who are available to respond to emergency situations as needed. Whether assistance is needed immediately or a last minute changes to the schedule are needed, we are here whenever you need us most.

Call Home Care Assistance

At Home Care Assistance, our primary focus is to provide quality Parkinson’s care to patients in the Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, Safety Harbor, and neighboring areas. We offer support to people living with the disease and family members who need help taking care of loved ones with the disease.

Our award-winning programs allow even those in the most advances stages of the disease to live a relatively normal, comfortable, and dignified life. If you are interested in learning more about what Home Care Assistance can offer you or your loved one, contact our office at (727) 330-7862. We can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to provide you with information about our Parkinson’s care plans, answer all your questions, and discuss the individual needs of your loved one.

We work hard to make sure seniors dealing with Parkinson’s disease in the Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Belleair, and Safety Harbor can maintain the best quality of life possible. Call today so that we can do our best to help your family.