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You may be seeking in home senior care services in Safety Harbor if your loved one is unable to look after themselves due to medical conditions or life-impairing debilities. It is imperative that you find them support that will keep them comfortable and under constant professional watch. We endeavor  to place our trained and experienced assistants with your family member based on their individual needs and unique personality traits. We offer much more than just direct eldercare support; whether it be 24/7 live in assistance or a short-term helping hand while recuperating after surgery or hospitalization. Our licensed caregiving professionals can aid with proper supervision and perform social invigoration as part of our signature Balanced Care Method™. This method has been researched, tested, and proven to help those that need extra support in their everyday life.

Why Choose Us for In Home Senior Care Services?

Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay has been a frontrunner in expanding the diverse programs and practices of the home aide industry. Through these practices, we have had exceptional results in which the overall mental and physical health of a client improves while in receipt of the Balanced Care Method™. With the inclusion of this method, we administer exemplary professional support for those who aren’t fully independent, as well as offer a new, invigorating approach to reducing the mental degradation process. By engaging your loved one in various activities to help stimulate their brain, we can help improve cognitive function. Without some form of social and psychological stimulation, it has been proven that patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia suffer an increased rate of mental deterioration. We strive for and make every effort to ensure the level of attention we offer is more comprehensive and successful than other in home senior care service providers in Safety Harbor.

We Offer Much More Than Traditional Home Care ServiceIn Home Senior Care Services

When our staff is presented with a new case, the most important decision on our end is placing the perfect eldercare professional who suits your loved one’s individual needs and personality. This allows for a genuine connection between the provider and recipient, making a bond that extends beyond a live in senior care service, and to a relationship that provides encouragement for well-being in everyday life in Safety Harbor.
Our live-in aides offer:

  • Friendship
  • Social communication
  • Outlets for expression
  • Means to encourage otherwise unenthusiastic exercise regiments
  • Assistance with chores such as home cleaning and laundry
  • Preparation of healthy and balanced meals oriented toward your loved one’s individual nutrition requirements

These are just a few of the many examples proving how our Safety Harbor team makes an impact on individualized in home elderly care service every day. We are continuously happy to help with nearly every facet of continuing a safe and healthy elder life, and we implement a level of attention and concern on par with beloved family and friends. Helping you and your family is our passion, and we are dedicated to the improvement of quality of life.

Certified Training Courses: They Help Us, Help You

With the large number of life-impairing conditions an elderly person might experience in their lifetime, it’s necessary to remain up-to-date and educated on the most recent breakthroughs in treatment, rehabilitation, nutrition, and general well-being. Our live in senior caregivers in Safety Harbor are extensively trained and educated through our own HCA University and have undergone certification regarding support for:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Post-stroke
  • Hospice
  • Hospital-to-home transition
  • Mobility

This is just a glimpse of the range of certified courses that are implemented with our in home senior care services training. This ensures that our professionals are prepared to create the highest possible quality of life for your loved one in Safety Harbor.

Taking Comfort With Our Live-In Eldercare Support System

At Home Care Assistance Tampa Bay, we believe that the golden years are meant to shine. Whether your loved ones are bedridden or live an active lifestyle, our in home senior care services professionals take pride in the help they extend. By pairing your loved one with a specialist based on shared interests such as hobbies, similar topics of impression, personality traits, and other essential features, we can address their needs more closely. Contact our office today at (727) 330-7862 for free information regarding specialized in home care assistance in Safety Harbor.