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home careWe believe seniors in Tampa Bay deserve home care services that bring out the best in aging. We think it is necessary to find caregivers that are compassionate, thoughtful, and understanding of the plights elderly people go through. Having medical knowledge and being a capable assistant seems to be the limit for many professionals in other firms. Our specialists, however, go above and beyond by also becoming a friend and companion – someone to assist in every way during these difficult times.

Finding home care for someone you love living in Tampa Bay can be stressful and even worrisome. Gathering information about when people can work and what they can do is a long and arduous process that you do not have to endure. Instead, we will take away your problems and match you with the perfect caregiver.

How do We Provide Astounding Caregivers?

We provide such incredible assistance because of the extensive screening process our caretakers must go through. The steps are:

  • Verify relevant skills and qualifications
  • Criminal and National Background Investigations
  • Ethical Examination
  • Completion of our comprehensive training program

These necessary procedures help us maintain the quality of home care we provide to Tampa Bay residents.

To verify their skills and qualifications, we perform a scrutinizing reference check and confirm prior experience. Next, we send a standard criminal and national background check to make sure nothing suspicious arises. Lastly, they must pass an ethical examination which tests for many important and defining character traits, such as honesty and integrity.

Providing the Right Home Care for You

All of these details add up to bring you an exceptionally qualified and capable assistant to aid in daily activities. However, what sets us apart is our ability to match patients with caregivers based on personality. The benefits this style of home care brings are immediately apparent to Tampa Bay patients because their lives are not hindered, and their independence is not taken away; instead, they are being assisted by a friend when they need help.

We Have Hourly and 24-hour Caregivers Available

We understand how exhausting managing a career, children, and the well-being of a loved one can be. Do not let yourself become overburdened with too many responsibilities. Keep yourself strong and your family looked after with help from our caretakers. They are available for hourly and 24-hour service so that every one of your needs is always met.

Aside from having exceptional medical expertise, all of our home care professionals also assist Tampa Bay individuals with their daily activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cooking and prepping meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Ensuring patient has taken medication
  • Transportation

This means your loved ones have more time and energy to spend on the things that matter – such as bonding with grandchildren, and sharing cherished moments with friends.

You may be worried that those you hold closest to your heart are suffering from a condition we cannot assist with. Well, you do not need to worry because we have home care professionals available in Tampa Bay who specialize in different ailments. This includes patients suffering from:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Strokes
  • Alzheimer’s

Thus, no matter the circumstance, we can provide the assistance you need. In fact, we are so confident about the quality of our caregivers that we do not require any long-term contracts or termination fees.

Home Care Assistance

When it comes to looking after those that you love the most, you do not want to take any chances. You want to be sure their medical needs are met and that their lives are improved. Our home care in Tampa Bay aims to give you that plus more by going above and beyond what is necessary or expected. We strive to provide a better quality of life and to increase the longevity of the mind and body.

Let us change the way your loved ones age by introducing you to practiced, tested, and proven methodologies for a better lifestyle. If you want to give your loved one a healthier mind and body, or if they are in need of specialized caretakers, give us a call at 727-330-7862 and speak with a representative today.