Useful Ways to Distract Seniors with Dementia

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Ways To Distract Seniors in Tampa Bay, CA

Refocusing the attention of a senior with dementia instead of paying attention to the negative behavior is referred to as distraction. It often works by moving the senior’s interest beyond his or her negative action and on to something that is more suitable. Below are a few effective distraction techniques that dementia caregivers in Palm Harbor recommend. 

Suggest a New Activity

Not unlike children, some seniors act out because they are bored and can’t convey it properly. Therefore, consider refocusing the senior’s attention by helping him or her start on a new fun activity. Some standard activities include reading, watching a movie or going for a small walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air. 

Start a Craft

There are many crafts that seniors with dementia can do with his or her dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver in Palm Harbor. Get one out and help the senior start making it. They will soon forget about their negative attitude because they will be having so much fun.

Play Some Music

Playing music can be very therapeutic, but it can also be used in different ways. If you need a senior to do something, then make up a silly song and sing it. Alternatively, start singing the senior’s favorite song to calm him or her down. You can even put on a CD or play a song on your phone to soothe and distract your loved one.

Ask for Help

Asking your senior to help you with a project is a great way to distract him or her. Therefore, grab that basket of socks that need to be mated or another project and have him or her help you get started on it.

Make a Joke

Humor is a great way to lighten the mood. Since it can be difficult for some caregivers to come up with a funny joke on the spot, keep a list tucked in your pocket or on your phone that you can glance at when the time comes. Alternatively, consider sharing a short funny clip to the senior from YouTube or Facebook to distract him or her from whatever is bothering your loved one.

Distraction works to refocus a senior with dementia attention away from a negative behavior and onto a positive one. Not every technique will work with every senior, but Home Care Assistance can help you keep your loved one occupied. We provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia Home Care Clearwater seniors need to boost mental and emotional wellbeing. To learn about our memory care and customize a unique care plan for your loved one, call (727) 330-7862 today to set up a complimentary consultation with an experienced Care Manager.

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